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Medical LОТ

Complex highly specialized medical care in the sector of pre-hospital care, wellbeing and occupational health.

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Who are we?

Registered on 17.12.2008 in Sofia, Medical Center (MC) MEDICAL has a modern, well-equipped medical diagnostic laboratory and is a leader in pre-hospital care for the employees and workers from all sectors of the economy, because of:

15+ years

of experience in the field

Cooperation with

the leading health and safety at work service provider in Bulgaria

Modern diagnostic equipment


with medical doctors, specialists and experts with many years of experience

Center location

an address, close to most of the hospitals and MCs in the city

Our services

At MC MEDICAL LOT, doctors provide highly qualified medical care in many areas of medicine. In addition to consultation and specialized pre-hospital treatment, Medical Center MEDICAL LOT also offers services such as: rehabilitation and physiotherapy, issuance of medical documentation, administration of vaccines, etc.

MC MEDICAL LOT is experienced in working with employed, providing occupational health  care and trainings, including first aid training, GDPR training, green economy, waste management and other trainings and consultations of environmental and public health topics.

Hand in Hand with the EU

MC MEDICAL LOT’s priority and ultimate goal is provision of medical services for the employed and training of staff in the safety and health at work topics and regulations thus meeting the demands and requirements of the European standards of education and qualification. The goal, the target and the activities within this mission comply with the upcoming changes at national and international level and determine MC MEDICAL LOT main development strategy.

Our growth

First steps...

After sustainability and success shown on national level, MC MEDICAL LOT makes its first steps in the international arena, especially in European projects with various partners. Discussing and finding solutions for the health and education sector is a priority. The unique and various expertise gives the MC the opportunity to be actively participating in different R&D project with various capacities.

Technology development

Applying in EU Projects initiatives provoked MC MEDICAL LOT to be more interactive to exchange/export/import experience with EU countries, not only in medical sector but also in education (School, Vocational and Adult). In post COVID times, MC MEDICAL LOT started to be more active in technological and medical oriented public sector, aiming to get international experience. 

The future is upon us

For the purpose of this aim, the organisation plans to recruit professionals from different fields not only from medical but also in all ICT, Youth, Agriculture, Adult and VET fields.

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Address: 10 Dobrila St., Sofia 1606

National phone number: 0700 800 10

Phone number: 029172913; 029172918